Photography – Animals In Clothes

by ChinaBambi


Madrid-based advertising and industrial photographer Miguel Vallinas presents a fashion photo series, titled Second Skin, where animals are digitally dressed in some super stylish outfits that fit them like a second skin. Miguel photographed over 50 animals, and dressed them up in clothes that seem to be an extension of each of their personalities. The pictures look so natural, its quite haunting.

second-skins-miguel-vallinas-2 second-skins-miguel-vallinas-16 second-skins-miguel-vallinas-15

The swan is my favourite!

second-skins-miguel-vallinas-14 second-skins-miguel-vallinas-13 second-skins-miguel-vallinas-12 second-skins-miguel-vallinas-9 second-skins-miguel-vallinas-8 second-skins-miguel-vallinas-7 second-skins-miguel-vallinas-6 second-skins-miguel-vallinas-5 second-skins-miguel-vallinas-4 second-skins-miguel-vallinas-3


Which is your favourite?