Wait For The Drop – New Shopping App

by ChinaBambi


The must have App for all Bargain Queens!

Introducing my friends first app.. Wait for the drop!

If you are like me and have endless tabs open on your phone and laptop, which you spend so much time on refreshing constantly..just incase it goes on sale.. then you are gutted when you’ve missed it! Well no longer will you have to rely on remembering, refreshing constantly and can now free up your internet tabs.. Wait for the drop is the miracle cure we have been searching for.

You simply copy the link from the website, paste it into the app, select the relevant info the app requires on each item and tada.. its in your app. You will then get an instant notification if the price drops and goes into sale..

You know when you’re playing on your phone and looking at lots of things you have no reason to buy, and you find a lovely pair of shoes on Kurt Geiger that you like but they’re £120 and you don’t £120 love them? Pop them into this app and it will regularly check the price and notify you when they go on sale! Who doesn’t love a bargain?
It’s totally free for now and if you download it now it will be free forever more, but for slow coaches it will be chargeable soon!
Android coming in a month or so!


There will also be new exciting features coming soon, maybe a sold out item and when it comes back into stock it lets you know! Another one of my refreshing habits, waiting for that one item I desperately need to be restocked! Ergh!

So far I have added a few of the items I have been watching recently and love the fact I don’t need to do anything except wait for a notification. Its also great that I can see all my wants in one place.. handy for Christmas coming up… maybe a link to your drop could be a great way to share what you want with friends and family 😀 *Hint Hint*


So get downloading guys.. it will change your life!!

Its free for a limited time only!!

Download here!



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