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Disney Bags by Danielle Nicole



Mickey Mouse isn’t the only one getting an awesome geek fashion collection. Several other Disney characters will be appearing in a new collaboration with Danielle Nicole. The collection includes various handbags, crossbody bags, and totes featuring some of our childhood favorites, such as Flounder (The Little Mermaid), Beast (Beauty and the Beast), Gus (Cinderella), and many more!

“Due to an overwhelming response, we are putting several key pieces from the Disney x Danielle Nicole Collection up for Pre Order on”

Beast Clutch, $58

Tinkerbell Crossbody, $68

Flounder Crossbody, $68

Snow White Crossbody, $68

(Photos: Danielle Nicole) H/

I need the Flounder bag in my life!



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Games Of Thrones & Star Wars Mash up

I discovered Andrew Tran on Bored Panda and couldn’t think of anything better.. a GOT & Star Wars Mash up! Here’s his amazing work!

More info:

Jaime Lannister, Sith Slayer

Melisandre, Sith Lord of the Light

Tyrion, the Imp Scoundrel

Jedi Padawan Arya

Daenerys, Queen of Rancors

The Sith Night King



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IKEA Trolls Kanye West

Back in March (in)famous rapper Kanye West expressed interest in a collaboration with furniture manufacturing giant IKEA. He tweeted the company months ago offering to work together, and now he finally got the response. Just maybe not exactly the one he expected.

He’s opened up the communication with a tweet saying: “Super inspired by my visit to IKEA today, really amazing company… my mind is racing with the possibilities…” IKEA didn’t respond to that one, but just recently Kanye was interviewed on BBC Radio 1, where he resurfaced his intentions: “I have to work with IKEA — make furniture for interior design, for architecture,” and after this he finally got IKEA’s response.

IKEA Australia posted a photo on Facebook of a Yeezy bed design reminiscent of the same controversial bed with naked celebrity wax figures from Kanye’s latest music clip. Unsurprisingly that also caught the attention of quite a few internauts who just happened to have Photoshop at hand.

More info: facebook (h/t: boredpanda/demilked)

In March Kanye tweeted that he’d love to work with IKEA


Then, a month later, he threw another hint on Twitter…


And just recently, IKEA responded to his collaboration request with an awesome answer


#1 Famous


Image source: Ikea

#2 Kardash


Image source: hotshit

#3 Kanye Framye


Image source: 

#4 Ikeanye


Image source: robinisraelson

#5 Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Fairest Of Them All


Image source: 

#6 I Am Not A Fish


Image source: Aaron Boyle

#7 Kanye Hest


Image source: SegSirap

#8 Kanye


Image source: Michel de Rooij

#9 Sing Louder Under A Kanye Shower!


Image source: 

#10 Quality Floral Ass!


Image source: 




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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 2014 – You Helped Fund An ALS Breakthrough

The internet has strange currency.  Between the fixed exchange rates between likes and prayers and the sharability of memes dictating the value of a person or page, it’s hard to imagine people coming together en masse for a good cause.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge back in 2014 seemed like another passing fad for slacktivists to pretend that they cared about something while raking up those likes and shares for the net to see.

The reality is that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ended up not only raising awareness as to what Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis was and felt like to those that had it, but led to donations totaling $115 million in 8 short weeks and an overall total in excess of $200 million.

A breakdown of what the ALS Association did with $115 million of Ice Bucket Donations.

And today, researchers have reported an important breakthrough that wouldn’t have been possible without the funding provided from the viral sensation.

A University of Massachusetts Medical School Project by the name of ‘Project MinE’ received $1 million from the ALS association and just announced that they were successful in identifying a gene responsible for the degenerative disease.

The ALS Association’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Lucie Bruijin, explains.

“The sophisticated gene analysis that led to this finding was only possible because of the large number of ALS samples available.  The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge enabled The ALS Association to invest in Project MinE’s work to create large biorepositories of ALS biosamples that are designed to allow exactly this kind of research and to produce exactly this kind of result.”

This is the third gene identified by teams using funds from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  This specific one stands out because the person leading the research team had ALS themselves.

The criticisms and negativity surrounding the challenge at the time weren’t unfounded, but this goes to prove that, with a little direction, the masses can actually come together to do something wonderful.

Source: Distractify



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The Spice Girls CONFIRM their reunion as a trio – Introducing GEM

The band appear to have renamed the group as they prepare to take to the stage without Mel C or Victoria Beckham

The Spice Girls have confirmed their are reuniting as a trio to celebrate the 21st anniversary of their debut album.

Three members of the girl group – Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner – shared photos and a video this morning as they told fans about the exciting news and thanked them for their support.

In the clip, which they captioned ‘GEM’ as they appeared to rename the band, Mel says: “We’ve been thinking. We have the best fans in the whole entire world.”

spice girls
spice girls / Source: Mirror

Geri then says: “You’ve stood by us for 20 years and we want to say a big thank you.”

They then reveal they are holding a ‘party’ and everyone is invited, their biggest hint yet that they are playing London’s Hyde Park for a reunion gig next July.

A source said: “Mel B, Emma and Geri agreed Hyde Park would be the ultimate way to launch a reunion next July for their 21st anniversary.

“It gives them a year to plan everything and make sure their comeback is spectacular. It would be the most-talked about gig of the year.”

The Wannabe hitmakers have teamed up with music manager and lawyer Joyce Smyth and PR guru Alan Edwards, who worked with them in the 90s.

It is not yet know whether fellow bandmates Victoria Beckham and Mel C will be joining them, but the 42-year-old fashion designer is considering it as she would love for her four-year-old daughter Harper to see her as a part of The Spice Girls.

The insider added to The Sun newspaper : “Victoria likes the idea of Harper seeing her just once as a Spice Girl because she wasn’t born for the reunion in 2008.

“It’s a long shot but there’s a chance she would join in at the London date.”

Meanwhile, Mel B previously revealed the group were forced to push back their 20th anniversary plans.

She said recently: “It’s our 20th anniversary this year – this would be the perfect year but places get booked out, so what we’re hopefully doing is planning on doing something to celebrate next year.

“It’s something that we want to do and it’d be nice to celebrate and give thanks to all the fans. I’m not getting any younger. Let’s hurry up and get this done.”

Spice Girls




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