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Planning A Trip to Dubai

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I’ll be going to Dubai to visit some friends within the next couple of months.. so its only fitting to write a blog about things I could do in Dubai.

I came across this post on and now can’t wait to visit Dubai!

Dubai is one such fantastically planned city of the UAE that attracts millions of tourists every year. Manmade marvellous such as sky scrapers, artificial island, and ski resort, illuminating night life, and glimpses of olden traditions, are major features of this city. With rich lifestyle, one can have many things to enjoy in Dubai. A trip to Dubai is incomplete without visiting the high rise buildings, great hotels and enjoying some adventure sports. One can enjoy visiting places in Dubai either by road or by cruising in olden-styled Arabian boats. Let us now check different things in Dubai that allows tourists to enjoy:

Shop at Dubai Mall:

If you love shopping, then visiting the Dubai Mall shouldn’t be missed out. The Dubai Shopping Festival is the most famous event that attracts tourists and shopping enthusiasts. Visit malls like Mall of the Emirates, Ibn-e-Batuta, City Center, Burjuman, Lamcy Plaza and a few others that has everything under one roof. Whether you’re touring with a family or travelling solo, shop for the best apparels and items offered in competitive rate. You can contact any of the touring agencies that can help with information regarding the shopping locations in Dubai.

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Visiting Dubai Creek:

This is a must visit place in Dubai. Rent a cruise or boat from a professional company. is a well-known charter cruise and Yacht Company and tours around important locations of Dubai including Dubai Creek. Enjoy the beautiful location of the creek that will take you back to 1960s on one side, and aromas of incense on the other side. Stroll around the old area of Deira and other such locations. While you’re in cruise, you can enjoy a tasty dinner and activities while strolling at the Dubai Creek.


Bird’s eye view of Dubai through a helicopter:

Imagine a ride over Dubai and watching those skyscrapers from the sky that looks tiny. This will be the lifetime experience to get the best view of the man-made wonders like The Palm Island, and the Burj Khalifa. There are touring agencies that can arrange for the helicopter tour of Dubai for short duration. You can either take this ride under package or enjoy it separately.

Visit Burj Al Arab:

Named as the world’s only 7 star hotel, this is one of the iconic buildings in Dubai and is 321 metres high. One of the best elements of this building is the beach next to it and is the most photographed structure. The Dhow Cruise anchor near to it gives a magnificent look during the evening period.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab – Dubai

Enjoy dinner and event on a Dhow cruise:

If you’re planning for a small event or want to explore Dubai, then go for a charter boat or yacht. From sophisticated service to spellbinding interior design, everything has royal taste. Going for a Dhow dinner cruise Dubai is a must, and if enjoyed in Musandham Dibba then it will be the most royal experience you can have. These boats are made of wooden having ancient Arabic structure.

Skiing activity in Dubai:

Indulging in sporting activities in Dubai is the best thing to enjoy. One of the locations where you can experience ice in the desert city is Ski Dubai. This indoor ski resort offers amazing skiing and snowboarding experience. It consists of 22,500-sqft Ski Dubai and of 60-meter high indoor mountain with 5 slopes of varying steepness and 400 metre long run. If you’ve kids, then you can sign up for the skiing lessons.


Desert Safari:

Tourists flocking in Dubai make sure to enjoy the desert safari There are companies that offer this incredible experience under a holiday tour package. This includes transfer service and safari tour. Check out for the 4×4 drive to the authentic Bedouin campsite where you can enjoy a barbeque. The thrill ride in a Land Rover or camel will certainly take you to the world of adventure. Generally, a 90-minute of desert driving is offered. The most amazing thing to do is to sit under the starry sky in the open desert.

Wild Wadi Theme Park:

There are several theme water parks in Dubai and are the best adventures to try to. One of the famous parks is the Wild Wadi Water Theme Park that has 34 rides and slides. Located in Burj-al-Arab and Jumeriah Beach Hotel, the park offer various water rides. For kids, this is the most exciting place to visit, one for a few hours and one for the whole day.


Touring around the souks:

Dubai is not only about shopping malls and adventures, there are also some open markets called Souk. It is a whole new experience of shopping for some favourite items from apparels, to spices and even the yellow metal. There are some fascinating gifts and accessories available. Visit Gold Market where one can find different types of gold sold at different prices. If you’re a shopaholic, then make sure to check this place.

Children’s City: This 80,000 sq ft place in the Dubai Creek Park at Bur Dubai is the best location for kids. The park consists of a large educational area, nature, space, science, culture and flight simulators. Kids can spend an entire day in having fun and also educating self on different subjects.

Nad Al Sheba Racecourse: If you love participating in a race and betting on it, then head towards Nad Al Sheba Race Course. Visit during the month of January when Dubai Horse Racing festival is conducted that goes for nine weeks. The entrance to the club is free and one can join the training sessions during winter season.


Hot Air Balloon Ride:

Another way to see entire Dubai by flying like a bird is to have a hot air balloon ride. There are adventure tour agencies that offer helicopter and hot air balloon rides under the best rate. This ride will take you over The Palm, Jumeriah, Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina and other such man-made marvel places. There is a limitation of people to carry at one go. So consult with the service provider and enjoy the best time.

There are many things in Dubai that can be experienced and enjoyed with your family and friends. However, one needs to abide by the rules and regulation set in this Gulf city. A good planning and seeking assistance from the tour management can be helpful while having a trip to Dubai. But above all, do make sure to experience the dhow cruise that will take you for a ride to some amazing places of Dubai through the sea.

XLine Dubai

The best for last… If you dare.. XLINE

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Will share my trip adventure when I’m back! 🙂



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Real-Life Fairy Tale Villages Around The World

There is magic in life. Well, maybe not like the sort you see in Harry Potter movies (pity, I know), but a different kind. I’m talking about the kind we experience in our minds when we hear a beautiful piece of music or feel a special person next to us. Yet the daily struggles and routines usually take over and make us think about something else. Thankfully, there are still these magical, almost fairy tale-like places where we can get away from the busyness of every day and experience the magic firsthand.

Bored Panda came up with a list of 15 of the most beautiful small towns and villages around the world, taken over by the mystical beauty of nature and our own man-made creations.

(h/t: boredpanda/demilked)

#1 Small Town In Provence, France


#2 Bibury, Uk


Image source:

#3 Rothenburg, Germany


Image source:

#4 Gasadalur, Faroe Islands


#5 Hallstatt, Austria


Image source: Herison Black

#6 Bagnone, Italy


#7 Manarola, Italy


Image source:

#8 Gokayama, Japan


#9 Hamnoy, Norway


Image source: inigo cia

#10 Eguisheim, France


Image source: Jean-Claude Sch

#11 Abandoned Fishing Village In Shengsi, China



Image source: Jane Qing

#12 Renndølsetra, Norway


Image source: reddit

#13 Monemvasia, Greece


#14 Shirakawa, Japan


Image source:

#15 Mountain Village In China


Image source: Christian Ortiz

More Bucket list places to see!



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The Most Stylish Seniors

Too old to keep up with fashion? Nonsense! And photographer Ari Seth Cohen brings you proof of that with his photo project “Advanced Style: Older & Wiser“.

In it he takes photographs of stylish seniors that are 60-years-old and older, showcasing that a sense of style does not diminish over age.

The photographer has traveled throughout the world – from New York, Los Angeles and Sydney to Cape Town, London, Florence and Stockholm – to find these elderly folks with a flare for the extravagant.

Recently Cohen has released a book featuring the best of his finds and their stories, which you can get here.

I blogged about the ‘Advanced Style‘ TV Show a while back along with the amazing ‘IRIS‘ documentary film. Make sure you check them out!

More info: amazon | advanced style (h/t: featureshoot/demilked)























Love these looks!

National Geographic – 2015 Traveler Photo Contest Winners

A humpback whale and her newborn calf scooped the first prize in National Geographic’s annual photography competition. More than 17,000 entries were submitted, whittled down to three winners and seven recognised on merit


The Highlands Wildlife Park – Saving Endangered Animals


Thursday Adam and I travelled to Aviemore for a weekend break to celebrate his Birthday. The weather was stunning as we drove up north.


Yesterday we decided to spend the day at the Highland Wildlife Park as we have never been before. Its a Wildlife park which helps endangered animals, so it is a great cause and a wonderful experience.

You start off driving through a mini reserve with camels..


We decided to plan everything around the feeding times.. first was the Wildcats!thumb_IMG_8401_1024 thumb_IMG_8388_1024 thumb_IMG_8384_1024 thumb_IMG_8371_1024 thumb_IMG_8370_1024 thumb_IMG_8408_1024

They were pretty shy but I was so happy and lucky that I got the above shot! What a cutie! These are the kittens which were born last year, they are due some more in May.. so keep a eye on the parks social media for updates!

A wolverine above.


Posing Deer.




Some scary horses, they eat meat! – Przewalskis Horsesthumb_IMG_8422_1024

European Elk Mother and her twins.


European Bison


Sleeping Red Panda


Snowy Owls


Male Polar Bear

thumb_IMG_8448_1024 thumb_IMG_8445_1024thumb_IMG_8459_1024

Snow Leopards – due babies in June/July

thumb_IMG_8471_1024thumb_IMG_8555_1024thumb_IMG_8548_1024 thumb_IMG_8553_1024


Arctic Fox all snugthumb_IMG_8473_1024



Amur Tiger


Great Grey Owls.. see the 2nd?


Snow Monkeys



thumb_IMG_8523_1024 thumb_IMG_8521_1024thumb_IMG_8525_1024

Male Wolf

thumb_IMG_8527_1024 thumb_IMG_8530_1024 thumb_IMG_8529_1024

Below is a European forest Reindeerthumb_IMG_8543_1024

It was such a wonderful day seeing all these beautiful animals and learning about how and why they are endangered. Lets hope they don’t become extinct, support this amazing park by donating or visiting.

You can also help by adopting one of the animals! 😀

RZSS Highland Wildlife Park

Kincraig, Kingussie PH21 1NL

The Park is open every day of the year* apart from the 25th of December.

April to October 10 am to 5 pm (last entry 4 pm)
July to August 10 am to 6 pm (last entry 5 pm)
November to March 10 am to 4 pm (last entry 3 pm)




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